Real tree on the wall. Home decor.

An actual tree branch in three separate frames. Use a thicker branch and smaller frames for jewelry?

technqiue bois brûlé                                                       …

La technique shou-sugi-ban ou bois brûlé

Steps to Create Your Own Shou Sugi Ban: Adapted from the architectural work of Terunobu Fuji­mori (pictured) who practices the traditional technique and lives on the Japanese island of Naoshima.

Superbe Table de salle à manger noyer bord direct par WickedBoxcar

A truly unique, one of a kind, dining table made from French walnut. The heart of this wood bleeds from light to dark with tones of chocolate and

Vous avez de vieilles pièces de vélos qui traînent dans votre garage et vous n'aimez pas que celles ci prennent la poussière ? Voici un article de 30 photos qui vous donneront des idées pour détourner vos vieux pédaliers, pignons ou guidons en objets déco tendances !

Fans of unusual lamps undoubtedly will delighted with the lamps created by Italian artist Maurizio Lamponi Leopardi. Maurizio involved in advertising photography, until in 2001 he paid attention