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Relooker un escalier avec un petit budget

Le charme d'une maison britanique (5)

Le charme d'une maison britannique en triplex

Glass railings and open partition in a staircase in a mews house London& Knightsbridge neighborhood designed by Elips Design

Escalier bibliothèque

Escalier droit, en colimaçon, à pas japonais, gain de place...

For Christian: (not as elegant but again similar feel without the top floating section, which we think would add interest)

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20 idées déco à réaliser avec des cadres sur le blog mydecolab

Nifty Wall Art Project: made from thrift store picture frames. Basically, you get a bunch of empty frames of different shapes and sizes, paint them all the same color, and hang them.

Arbres escalier lumineux design

Idées fraîches et design d'aménagement de votre espace extérieur

Les escaliers dans nos intérieurs - FrenchyFancy

Les escaliers dans nos intérieurs - Part 1

House in a Pine Wood by Sundaymorning and Massimo Fiorido Associati. A staircase is extruded from the wooden shelves of a bookcase at this renovated house in Tuscany


Having an approach well defined by the owner: to make the most of the stunning view of Rio de Janeiro’s sea, the design of this house was first conceived by Studio Arthur Casas even before the first sketch. The owner, a single entrepreneur and.