Entry display, Museum of Communication in Frankfurt

Sheep phones made from old handsets and cabling-Entry display, Museum of Communication in Frankfurt. Sculpture is "Telephone Sheep" by Jean-Luc Cornec.

Tracing paper and wheat paste…

Sculptural work by San Francisco based artist Mary Button Durel: Tracing paper and wheat paste. Delicate, organic, beautiful, light-filled tracing paper and wheat paste.

city lights

lights project inspiration

wire work city skyline, diy, baling wire, make for kitchen What a fun idea to try with loose lamp cord

Trojan horse made from computer keys

Trojan horse made from computer keys

Funny pictures about Trojan horse made from computer keys. Oh, and cool pics about Trojan horse made from computer keys. Also, Trojan horse made from computer keys photos.

Chema Madoz

cheese grater toilet paper - only for guests when you don't want them to stay very long LOL

Make your own squirrel

Make your own squirrel

I have tons of gloves missing their mates that I can turn into little creatures!

carved eggshells by beth ann magnuson.

Beth Ann Magnuson, an artist from Bishop Hill, Illinois, turns delicate eggs into intricately carved masterpieces that she calls Victorian Lace Eggs.

Spiral staircase inspired by a whale's spine

Pattern Vertebrae Staircase / Andrew McConnell - Inspired by the spine of a whale (step, banister, and railing). The outer surface is composed of multiple layers of a durable composite fibre material while inside are the key structural elements.

Pneu  By Wim Delvoye

Belgian artist Wim Delvoye carved this car tire to create a series of sculptures he calls "Pneu." More: Wim Delvoye's Steel Art Cold Cut Marble Floor

Jennifer Maestre

Can you believe this unique sculpture is made from pencils? Pencil Sculptures [Pencil art, Sculptures made using color pencils]

the intestine of the candy world

Classic Hard Candy Chews

Whether if it's chocolate-y goodness or fruity explosions, everyone loves candy.