Acertou, miseravi...

MelodyDeClaw: Look papy, I know I don't use common sense that often but come on, that was obvious. Well, thinking about papy, never mind you go do your own thing. Let me get out of here before Sans decides to kill me for correcting you.

By frii-sans on Tumblr << This... Is actually kinda cute? I.... ship this. (-_-)

---same tho I'm so confused yet so fascinated---I don't ship it but this.this is so cute


Makes too much sense. Undertale is just missing random spanish lessons and then it'd be solid proof!

Sans, Papyrus, Frisk, W.D. Gaster || Undertale

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13 choses qu'on a tous déjà vécus quand on était jeune

trop vrais sa comm si oui alors sa c est vrais hah lol

Il est intelo se jeune lol

Alors on va où Maintenant

Dwayne Johnson: What's your favorite song? child: Oppa Gangnam style Dwayne Johnson looked astonishingly child: twinkle twinkle little star 144374