Licorne perdue-Arrêtez la drogue !

Licorne perdue

Man is incredible. It is the only creature that cuts down trees to make paper and writes "save the trees."

Man is unbelievable, the only creature who cuts down trees to make paper to write "Save the Trees" on it!

image drole vieux couple

image drole vieux couple Wife: I feel lousy. I look fat, old and ugly. Husband: your eyesight is perfect.

Bébé veut faire une blague à papa : "- Alors on va où maintenant ? - Aux putes ! - A la crèche !!! A la crèche !!!"

Alors on va où Maintenant

Dwayne Johnson: What's your favorite song? child: Oppa Gangnam style Dwayne Johnson looked astonishingly child: twinkle twinkle little star 144374

Haaaa HAaaa

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