DIY Gifts Bags ~ Make your own pencil case / pouch. Or toiletry bag. Or misc tote. Make it anything you want it to be!

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How to make cute block zipper pouch handbag. DIY photo tutorial and template pattern. Golden Glove Products Pretty nice, you would be love.

Une pluie d'étoiles sublime le sapin avec soin.

Décoration sapin de noel : des photos Pinterest pour s'inspirer

Des pochettes zippées (site marchand)

Anyone else have trouble finding things in their purse? I’m always blindly grabbing for things in my bag because nothing is organized! Now I can store all my necessities in these Ardium Small Pattern

Voici comment créer un ours en peluche à partir d'une chaussette.                                                                                                                                                     Plus

Voici comment créer un ours en peluche à partir d'une chaussette.

Great idea for a homemade gift for kids. Could do all white for a polar bear for a Christmas gift

Glove Monsters....A trio of these adorable glove monsters in the children's section of the library around Halloween! And they're easy. Even me with my "sewing skills" could sew these. haha

I have had so many students lose a glove, so I know that parents have lonely kids gloves that they can make into monster toys for their kids. -

DIY Cute Sock Kitten Sock animals are cute and very fun to make. Most h, you don’t need to have special skills to create a sock toy, as it is a very easy project. To complete your sock animal collection, here’s a cool tutorial on how to make.

tuto chaussettes 10 belles tenues

tuto chaussettes 10 belles tenues

Vous préférez peut-être les formules 2 en 1 : griffoir et couchage, comme pour les arbres à chat. Et vous avez raison ! Un chat a tendance à faire ses griffes près de ses lieux de sieste. Voici une solution facile à réaliser et économique :

Tie sisal rope around an Expedit single shelving unit to create a scratch post and cat bed in one. Lots of other kitty ikea hacks and ideas for cats around the home.

inspiration déco sapin rouge et or

Un sapin à la déco rouge et or pour un Noël chic

Setting Unique Experience with Traditional Christmas Decorations : Awesome Traditional Christmas Tree Decorations

DIY gatito lindo del calcetín 3

We bet you would never have thought of making toys from socks. ust check out this cool tutorial to turn your ordinary sock into Sock Kitten.