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Asparagus Fern is a traditional hanging basket plant. It is called a fern but it's not actually related to ferns, rather, it's a perennial herb and a member of the lily family.

The asparagus fern plant is normally found in a hanging basket; decorating the deck or patio in summer and helping to clean indoor air in winter. Learn how to grow asparagus ferns in this article.

Asparagus Fern - Asparagus setaceus    An extremely graceful plant with fine feathery foliage which arches from the top of slender, erect stems. It combines superbly with other foliage plants and is undemanding.    Temperatures:    Growing season	18 °C	(64 °F)    Minimum winter	8-10 °C (46-50 °F)    Soil: A

Asparagus Fern aka Emerald Fern aka Emerald Feather ( Asparagus setaceus/Asparagus plumosus ) Maidenhair ferns are soft and lacy plants which have a variety of uses both indoors and outside

Lonicera henryi

Evergreen Honeysuckle 'Lonicera Henryi' plants for sale online, UK grown

Sarcococca hookeriana var. digyna.

digyna small suckering evergreen shrub green or purple stems, narrow lanceolate midgreen leaves; clusters of fragrant creamwhite flowers, black berries

Gallium odoratum - Sweet Woodruff in my garden.

Gallium odoratum - Sweet Woodruff ~ Madeline has this; pretty in the shade!