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Interested in travelling or moving to Norway? Here's eveything you need to know! Tromsø, Tromso, Norway, Northern Norway, Northern Lights, Life in Norway, Travel to Norway, Arctic, The Arctic, Life in the Arctic, Visit Norway, Visit the Arctic, Polar Night, Midnight Sun, Hiking, Skiing, Oslo, Trondheim, Bodø, Lofoten, Senja, Stavanger, Bergen, Fjords, Ålesund, Geiranger, Flåm, Odda, Telemark, Mountains, Cruise, Hurtigruten, Pulpit Rock, North Cape, winter travel, reindeer, whale watching,

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I actually experienced my very first time ice-bathing in Finland myself, a few years ago, and while that resulted in me almost drowning (my body went into shock and the railings of the ladder were completely frozen, so they had to drag me out, lol), I have grown very fond of hitting the sauna in Finland, and am super happy about the fact that Stavanger got its own sauna (with a view) not too long ago.

Best Norwegian Movies to Watch Visit Oslo, Visit Norway, Trondheim, Stavanger, Easy Movies, Tottori, Polar Night, Alesund, Home

Best Norwegian Movies (Of All Time) ⋆ Expert World Travel

Looking for the best Norwegian movies of all time? This post will show you them all - from jaw-dropping action, to shocking documentaries.

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Der Lockdown ist nervig und es sieht momentan für den Sommerurlaub in Skandinavien nicht gerade rosig aus. Verständlich, dass da bei dem einen oder anderen die Sehnsucht nach dem hohen Norden in’s Unendliche steigt. Glücklicherweise kann man sich das Skandinavien-Gefühl auch in Deutschland holen - diese Orte können deiner Skandinavien-Sehnsucht diesen Sommer hoffentlich ein bisschen Abhilfe verschaffen:

12 Best Norwegian TV Shows to Binge Watch Trondheim, Stavanger, Learn Swedish, Polar Night, Baby Avengers, Alesund, Nordic Living, Visit Norway, Norway Travel

12 Norwegian TV Shows to Help You Learn the Language — Nordic Wanders

With the pandemic getting in the way of actually travelling here to learn Norwegian, there’s always Norwegian tv shows to watch, and since we’re all more or less in lockdown anyway, there’s plenty of time to binge-watch as well. This is what to watch these days!

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In diesem Artikel stelle ich dir meinen persönlichen Reiseplan vor um Skandinavien per Zug zu erkunden, und stelle ausserdem noch Tipps zu Norwegen, Schweden und Dänemark bereit, sodass du lediglich deine Zugtickets kaufen musst und dann auch direkt schon losfahren kannst!

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Pretty much every time I post on Instagram, I get the comment “oh how I wish I could be there right now”. While that might still not be possible right now due to the pandemic, there are ways for you to incorporate Norway into your everyday life wherever you may live. And who knows, maybe travelling will become possible again sooner as we might think?

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Now that the new Ryfylketunnel is open and you don’t have to take the ferry anymore, travelling to nearby Jørpeland has never been easier - even if you don’t have a car. This will, after the pandemic, probably attract even more visitors to Pulpit Rock, but hopefully also lead some to discover the more hidden gems of the area - such as the trail to Tunglandsfjellet at 388 meters above sea level, in order to see Jørpeland (and the ocean) from above!

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Da der Wetterbericht für die nächsten Tage jedoch ganze plus 6 Grad und Regen vorrausgesagt hatte, hatten wir uns im Vorraus schon eine Hütte in den Lyngen Alpen gemietet, da dort der Wetterbericht noch von zumindest minus 2 Grad und Schnee ausgegangen war. 2 Tage nach meiner Landung machten wir uns also auf den Weg nach Lyngen. Um 9 Uhr um die 10 Uhr Fähre zu erreichen. Ein Zeitpuffer von 20 Minuten sollte für die knapp 40-minütige Autofahrt schon ausreichen. Dachten wir jedenfalls.

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2020 - the year nobody quite saw coming… I still remember how I forced myself to stay awake on New Years Eve 2019 even though I was super tired and absolutely miserable, and for what?! To be quite fair, however, 2020 for me personally wasn’t only one of the most challenging years I’ve ever had, but also one of the most rewarding. I’ve grown so much as a person, and more importantly woman, and basically am not dreading hitting the big 30 in 2021.

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What it was like visiting Tromsø during the pandemic — Nordic Wanders

When my friend Silvia suggested to visit her for Christmas, I was immediately hooked! I had avoided the city like the plague after moving to Stavanger in 2017, simply because I had so many bad memories of the place. But now, more than 3 years later, the prospect of a white Christmas in the company o

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A Look Inside a Traditional Norwegian Cabin — Nordic Wanders

For the first weekend of advent, I was fortunate enough to spend the weekend in the mountains of Agder county in Southern Norway, thanks to my friend Inga. Her parents had allowed for her and a small group of friends to visit for two nights, and we had a lovely time going for walks in the snow, prep

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Due to covid-19, I was “forced” to spend my summer at home here in Stavanger in Western Norway. Albeit forced isn’t quite the right word. Despite me living here for 3 1/2 years already, I still haven’t got tired of Stavanger and there are still so many places left on my to-explore list for the region. One of the places I’ve been meaning to visit ever since moving here is the island of Kvitsøy - or rather, the island archipelago and smallest municipality in the region of Rogaland.

All about female solo camping in Norway Norway Camping, Norway Travel, Solo Camping, First Time Camping, Alesund, Solo Travel Tips, Visit Norway, Tromso, Stavanger

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Me after camping solo for the first time: “I’m like Pippi Longstocking - I can do ANYTHING”!⁣ Seriously though, sleeping outside on my own was such an accomplishment for me, but I know that many of you have been wondering whether or not I’ve been scared and how on earth I even managed to set up my tent on my own. So, let me share all of my newly gained knowledge about solo camping in Norway as a female traveller.

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What to look out for when buying your first ever sleeping bag — Nordic Wanders

Long story short: I did not freeze, not even once, and have since realized that it all comes down to having the right gear, aka sleeping bag. Mine is actually so warm that I slept in my underwear - again, in October, and on a very windy night as well 😄

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Island Hopping in Stavanger - A Day Trip to Langøy — Nordic Wanders

Even after 3 years of living in the city, I’m still in love with how varied the landscape is in and surrounding Stavanger, and how many hidden gems I still stumble upon even after all this time. One of these gems was the small island of Langøy in the city fjord of Stavanger. While I’ve previously on

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Best Campsites In Norway: Fjords, Mountains & Beaches ⋆ Expert World Travel

Want to go camping in Norway? Then come read our guide to the best campsites in the country that are close to all the popular sights!