Quand les femmes font à la pêche dans le sud de l'Inde


smithsonianmag: “ Photo of the Day: Going Fishing Photo by Kaushik Majumder (Kolkata, West Bengal, India);

Offrande de fleurs au temple Jain Adinath à Ranakpur, au Rajasthan en Inde

her-indian-soul: “ Offering of flowers at the Puja at Adinath Jain Temple, Ranakpur, Rajasthan, India -Photographer: Boisvieux Christophe ”

Immersion au Cachemire en Inde

Photo taken by // I photographed houseboats on a channel leading to Dal Lake in Srinagar Kashmir. Houseboats have been on Dal Lake for more than a hundred years. by natgeo

L'effervescence des rues de Jodhpur en Inde

On this pin you see the tuk-tuk in India, this is a common form of urban transport and you see them everywhere. It is a motorized vehicle with three wheels. Tourists enjoy a ride in a tuk-tuk during their vacations.