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three potted plants in front of a pink wall with an arch and purple door
Lilac + Gold - Honestly WTF
there is a pink staircase next to a yellow wall with a sign on it that says,
Be Paper
As fans of large scale art and photography, we're so excited about newly launched Be Paper, where the co-creators of design blog Somewhere I Would Like To Live have reinvented the poster. Each photograph, taken by a select group of artists, is printed on high quality, heavy weight matte paper
an empty hallway between two red pillars in a room with orange walls and flooring
Saffron and Silk
Inspiration page 129 et 149 du chromatic JonOne CH1 0742 Rouge Patrimonio, CH1 0641 Orange Kompa
a multicolored building with lots of windows and balconies
two children are standing in front of a brightly colored building that has been painted pink, green and blue
a multicolored building with lots of windows and balconies
AD Magazine
a colorful building with an artistic mural on the side
rocket lulu
a clock on the side of a multicolored building with an arrow pointing to it
a colorful wall with a window and sticker on the bottom half, in front of a purple building
rocket lulu
a multicolored building with a clock on the front
Tirunamavalai, en Inde du Sud / photo Vincent Leroux
an orange square object sitting on top of a white surface with no one around it
Ketterer Kunst, Art auctions, Book auctions Munich, Hamburg & Berlin
Imi Knoebel . cementi
an aerial view of a multi - story building
Last climb to the weekend! Friday inspiration: Ricardo Bofill! #aha #ahamoment #ricardobofill #inspiration