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ÔBABA Paris - a socially responsible enterprise. ÔBABA Paris believes that every company has to perform so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the…
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an old man in scuba gear holding a sign that says no oil in ibiza
Dans les années 60 le Commandant Cousteau a visité et étudié les fonds marins d’Ibiza à bord du Calypso. Grace à la ténacité et courage des personnes comme le Commandant Cousteau, en 1999 nos prairies de Posidonia furent déclarées Patrimoine de l'Humanité par l'UNESCO. Les prairies de posidonie sont en voie de disparition (des pertes irréversibles car il faut plusieurs siècles pour les reconstituer). Son esprit vit ici et dit non à l'exploration pétrolière à Ibiza.
two people holding signs with the words hands off ibiza
John Lennon used to come on vacation to his home in Ibiza to relax. His nonconformist and rebellious spirit has specially marked our island. John and Yoko Ono stripped in 1969 to protest against the war and the fight for peace and for a better world lasted all his life. Interestingly naked, fragile and natural body is the most powerful kind of protest against a hypocritical, greedy and inhuman world. We will not let them destroy Ibiza’s seabed – which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
no oil in ibiza poster with the words ibiza say's no on it
ÔBABA Paris proudly fights against oil drilling in Ibiza. #ibizasaysno #eivissadiuno #ibizadiceno #obabaparis