Beautiful wildlife paintings by talented award-winning artist Collin Bogle. These stunning images look like photos. Beautiful Wildlife Paintings by Collin Bogle Image Gallery


At the Berlin Zoo in Germany, a wolf pup is seen snuggling up to its mother in their enclosure. Nothing like a mother's love.

Le loup

Gray Wolf Near Birch Tree Trunks, Canis Lupus, MN

Gray Wolf Near Birch Tree Trunks, Canis Lupus, MN Papier Photo par William Ervin sur AllPosters.


Princess Di of the floating island daughter of Kalani and Desdemona


Wolves mate for life, just like dogs. Dogs want the same mate just like a wolf. Humans don't understand this (neither do their wallets).

Little wolves playing

Cute Arctic Fox cubs play near the den while waiting for mom to bring home a late night snack.

there was a lot of wolves on my home page today... maybe a sign... but so adorable

Hi i am the little cub and the big wolf is my mother. My mothers name is Snowy. I am 3 weeks old. My mother is 2 years old and my father has recently died


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Wolf Link / Wolf Link by the-lazy-artist on deviantART. I love Twilight Princess, so I love this picture!