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A Paper Bear Art Journal Tumblr: Photo

My art journal page tumblr. This is art that inspires me. My favorite view is archive view, like one big inspiration board.



intothecontinuum: “ Mathematica code: S[n_, t_] := Sin[n*2 Pi/50 + t] ListAnimate[ Show[ Table[ Plot[ 100 - n + (10*S[n,t] + .02)*Exp[-(x - 4.5*S[n, 0])^2/Abs[S[n,t]]], {x, -10, 10}, PlotStyle ->...

Jaka Bonča (aka Rototype): 2000-5 Typesetting  Font aaa77
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Rototype - Some Sort of Typography

Fine Art Typesetting Modular Ornamental Typography Jaka Bonca

Duvet pattern by Pixtil. Housse de couette.


Duvet pattern by Pixtil. Housse de couette.

Observatoire du Graphisme Contemporain

Observatoire du Graphisme Contemporain

theinspirationshuffle: “ Visual Identity for the 2015 National Historical Centres Day. Check this portuguese studio with an amazing talent! Source . Another Collective ”

Nothing But Rain limited edition giclee print par EloiseRenouf, $25.00

Nothing But Rain, limited edition giclee print

New for 2011! The view from my window has certainly changed from little wintry trees - lots of big clouds and rain now abound! But far from feeling glum, aren't they lovely?! (As long as you don't have to go out in them!). So feeling suitably inspired, I've begun a range of weather themed prints. Hopefully lots more to come, so keep coming back for a peek! This image is a limited edition giclee print of stylised clouds and plenty of them! Colours used include grey, teal and ochre. All my…

Pixtil pattern