Le chalet s'étend tout en longueur... - Confort chic pour maison en bois à la montagne - CôtéMaison.fr

Maison en bois contemporaine, chalet au Carroz en Haute-Savoie

i like the floor, long table and comfy chairs, some of the wood but not nearly so much?

I've seen chairs like this for inside the home. This is a "Duh" idea--trees are…

Ive seen chairs like this for inside the home. This is a Duh idea-trees are originally outdoors, why not make outdoor furniture from tree trunks? Yeah, I like it! More - Craft Wood Shack

#Cheminée #Design centrale Meijifocus. http://www.m-habitat.fr/cheminees/styles-de-cheminees/cheminee-centrale-178_A

Central fireplace with panoramic glass MEIJIFOCUS By Focus creation design Dominique Imbert

Poêle à bois étanche Alcor Plus

The Alcor wood burning fireplace is sleek, elegant and fuel efficient with panoramic curved glass and room air independent operation. See more at Oblica.

15 idées de cheminées ou poêles à bois

15 idées de cheminées ou poêles à bois

black and white loft living space with fireplace (photography and styling by Paulina Arcklin

table rustique, table en bois design rustique, table bois brut dans la cuisine

Décorez vos intérieurs avec une belle table rustique

Double Rose City pendants for the kitchen, hand painted shades- LOVE this live edge table!

Cabin ~ Decor

Six astuces pour encadrer ses affiches sans se ruiner

Cute brown frames, I think this would be nice to eventually switch to for a more rustic look than black ones. Love the wall color