Une belle randonnées en patins.

I'm going ice skating! I found a completely frozen pond in Hogsmeade, made sure it was sturdy, and I'm going today! Anyone going to joing me?

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Lydia (Dream) Done filling her veins, the ice moved to the surface, freezing her skin and forming crystals

J'aime tellement cette phrase.

In the middle of winter​, ​I discovered ​within myself an invincible summer. — Albert Camus, French author On YOU.

Rivière BIei, Hokkaido, Japon Si l'eau est d'un bleu si pur, c'est grâce aux sources chaudes en amont.

Winter ~ Biei river, Hokkaido, Japan: the water is beautiful blue, because of the hot springs upstream.

beauty is in the nature !

Beautiful in life and in death. the photographer said she took the picture in summer 2010 in Colorado right outside of a friend's cabin.

Winter *❄️~*. Wishes & Dreams .*❄️~*

Winter *❄️~*. Wishes & Dreams .*❄️~*