I loved these

Monchichi- Loved this guy.remember the song. monchichi monchichi I can play atari. there was a cartton of these oo, loved it and used to watch it. not to mention have a few dolls also. were so CUTE!


Double Lollies - Unwrapped - Two fun tangy flavors in each pop. These classic sweet-tart lollipops come in a bag. From the makers of Smarties! Approximately 52 Double Lollie lollipops per pound.

blast from the past

Little Professor Electronic Calculator Math--another flashback from the past.jonathan still has his and the kids use it for math!

Le Magic pen

Le Magic pen I loved these! No sharpening necessary, just move on to the next…

chinese jump rope

Chinese jump rope, loved playing this and i was good at it. If you had only one other person to play with a chair could be used as the third person. Also used rope to play Cats in the Cradle.

on l’aura trimballé partout ce baladeur à cassette. On y enfournait nos chansons enregistrées à la radio qu’on écoutait en boucle avec les écouteurs aux bords de mousse.  Petit logo “dolby” pour faire la classe, et retournage de la cassette au milieu… le walkman, c’était un style.

Sony's New Walkman: Better, But Still No iPod Killer (SNE)

Original Sony Walkman from 1979 - used cassette tape but allowed us to listen to music on the move.my dad bought me the original.I thought I was so bad ass at the time.

je mettais les emballages des bonbons devant mes yeux pour voir la vie en couleur ,o)

Vintage Quality Street tin, still have one of these with Christmas hooks in it same as my mum did

Cigarettes au chocolat : je finissais toujours par les manger trop tard. Le gout de ce chocolat périmé était juste infecte !

candy cigarettes with puff of smoke.I loved these, dont remember the puff of smoke tho.people would freak out today if these were available for kids! How times change!