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How to make yarn ball ornaments

All you need is yarn, glue, and balloons to make these eye-catching DIY Yarn Ball Ornaments! Post includes a side-by-side comparison of best glues to use. by All Things G&D

How to remember that baby handprint after it's gone...make a copy...literally.

the most ingenious idea for memorializing tiny fingers. It's called the copy machine! No more inky smears. No more fists full of paint. scrapbook or frame or baby book idea.make a photocopy of baby hands or a toddler hand with parents hand behind

Tiny party hats on plastic animals. I need to do this for some kind of celebration. New Years?

oscar turns two :: party animals + plaid trousers (probably actually)

Lego Party Silverware Holder #lego #party { I can see a bunch of adults playing with Legos at my next party!}

Lego theme Birthday Party Ideas

Lego Silverware Holder (for a lego party) Kristen. just an idea for your upcoming birthday party!

DIY : le tuto des rosaces en papier - niveau facile

DIY : le tuto des rosaces en papier - niveau facile

Paper Pinwheels, Paper Fans, Birthday Party Decorations, Surprise Birthday, Diy Tutorial, Rosettes, Origami, Divertissement, Wrapping Ideas

figures en papier rose, décoration mariage pas cher en papier rose origami idee…

DIY déco de table mariage - total 30 EUR!

Tissue paper makes is a great, inexpensive option for decorating. It comes in all kinds of colors, and patterns and can be made into a million different craft options.

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