1930s Informal Style; High waisted trousers and rounded shades

Joan Bennett, 1938 / head to toe

les-modes: “ Yacht pyjamas by Molyneux, Les Modes June 1934. Photo by d'Ora. ” boat themed novelty print shirt top blouse wide leg pants tam hat summer casual sportswear resort mid 30s era photo

This shirt has structured flow les-modes: “ Yacht pyjamas by Molyneux, Les Modes June Photo by d'Ora.

Anni Albers in Florida, circa 1938, photograph by Josef Albers © the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation

anni albers photographed by josef albers, florida, 1938

Renée Biarritz, agosto 1930, Photo: J.H. Lartigue © Ministère de la Culture - France / A.A.J.H.L.

Renée Biarritz, agosto J. Lartigue © Ministère de la Culture – France / A.

Zeigfeld Girl 1941 - Judy Garland

Judy Garland in "Ziegfeld Girl".

1930's Fashion - are they on safari, fancy tent party, what? I love this picture because it is evocative of days gone past

The Seeberger Brothers beach get up

Glamoursplash: The Beach Pyjama of the 1930s

Circa Visitors take part in a Beach Pajama parade.

Palazzo Pants designed by Waltr Albini

Walter Albini 1968 star print tunic dress and pants wide leg boho late early vintage style dramatic glam rock n roll rocker looks vintage fashion

Vintage 30's palazzo pants & blouse, Hollywood 650, via MOMSPatterns

Vintage palazzo pants & blouse, Hollywood via MOMSPatterns

vintage everyday: Women in Trousers from 1930s-40s

style Photo by the Seeberger Brothers vintage fashion style color photo print found street women pants sweaters casual sportswear hat shoes skirt blouse

Винтаж | Искусство, дизайн, фото, мода  Прекрасная пара на пляже в Биаррице, 1930, Фото: Джеймс Бер

la vie de mode, biarritz, 1930 couple walking on the beach.

Black and White Image of Ladies in Fashionable Overalls

How to Sew Trendy Overalls to Capture that Fall Style

Love the high-waisted sailor pants! Photo from the Shutterstock Everett Collection high waisted sailor pants at the beach photo print ad models girls overalls

Spring/Summer wardrobe inspiration from the 1930s (photo by the Seeberger Brothers)

Actress Corinne Luchaire in a trouser suit by Freddy and a coat by Heim, Deauville, 1939 - Seeberger Brothers Fashion Photography

15. Late 1920's early 1930s; woman wearing slacks; useful garment for working in…

Madame Samuel Rochas (Rina Rochas) - September 1930 - Biarritz, France - Photo by the Seeberger Brothers beautiful wide leg trousers

Annemarie Schwarzenbach

Annemarie Schwarzenbach

vintage everyday: 32 Glamorous Photos of Pajama Styles That Ladies Wore at Beaches during the 1930s

Biarritz 1931 by Séeberger vintage fashion style photo print ad model magazine casual day beach resort wear wide leg trouser pant tshirt top knit handbag striped black and white