Il n'y rien de plus beau que le Japon ! rêve de chaque Otaku :3

People Ask Me Why I Love Japan - This Is My Answer. I love this country and the people. Tokyo is the most amazing city I have ever known.

Apprendre le Japonais | Jurapon l'Aventure

Apprendre le Japonais

Japanese Alphabet: There are three different japanese alphabets: ♢ Hiragana, uses with kanji to make japanese words ♢ Katakana, used for words coming from the english ♢ Kanji , used usually with by pair, or with hiragana - Japanese Language

Le #Japon #Voyage #Évasion

Le Japon

the World Heritage, Mt. Fuji, Japan 富士山-- So pretty! My life's mission is to visit Japan at least once, and travel everywhere there and take a million pictures!

La recette des makis et sushis en vidéo

La recette des makis et sushis en vidéo

15 bonnes Raisons de visiter le Japon (14)

15 bonnes Raisons de visiter le Japon

The pagoda of Seigantoji and Nachi no Taki Waterfall, Japan 19 Reasons to Love Japan, an Unforgettable Travel Destination Romantic Travel

Bento recipes. Here's the japonese one

4 menus bento pour le bureau

Que visiter à Tokyo ? Nos quartiers préférés, bonnes adresses, trouvailles : suivez le guide ! Musées, restaurants, hotels... — Un superbe voyage au Japon !

Visiter Tokyo : guide complet, quartier par quartier ! — Blog Voyage Japon

Can't wait to go to Japan.

Tokyo, Japan One of many Japanese cities I long to travel in for an extended period