Horta Museum. Belgium. Somewhere I really want to go to

Hotel Tassel by Architect Victor Horta. This is actually a curved mirror, not an opening, which creates a beautiful infinity effect and emphasizes & elaborates on the curved glass ceiling. Built between 1893 and 1894 in Brussels, Belgium.

Maison Horta - Bruxelles (Saint-Gilles) / House Horta - Brussels (Saint-Gilles)  http://www.hortamuseum.be/fr/Accueil

Art Nouveau & Art Deco: An architectural odyssey

Brussels' Art Nouveau and Art Deco treasures shot for Christie's Magazine. Photography by Frederik Vercruysse

Victor Horta, Tassel House, Brussels, Belgium - 1892-1893 - Art Nouveau in Brussels - Art Nouveau Architecture

Staircase of Hotel Tassel; (from "Victor Horta Hotel Tassel" by Francois Loyer - Jean Dlhaye, aux Archives D'architecture Moderne, Bruxelles) The one of the best works of Art Nouveau style

Horta Stairs

Base of the sophisticated Art Nouveau staircase in the Maison Horta (now the Horta Museum). From an early Horta Museum postcard.

Maison ou musée Victor Horta

Horta museum details sketch by Victor Horta who invented Art Nouveau. First Art Nouveau building in the world.


L’Art nouveau: les prémisses de l’articulture

Art Nouveau Staircase by Victor Horta -Hotel Tassel, Brussels. Typically of this period the interior has elongated, curved and flowing lines. These lines are seen in the tiles, the staircase and also on the walls.

Reloj de bronce Art Nouveau de Victor Horta. #Esmadeco.

This is a Art Nouveau Clock. These Clock design was heavily influenced in the and by Art Deco, a machine-like aesthetic for a fast-paced industrial age. No object escaped the streamline touch of Art Deco, including clocks, whose cases often ec