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Guess Who: Historical Figures - Cool way to help kids study important people, i. It could also work for people with TBI's, Aphasia or some form of dementia! A fun way to study important people in your life like family and friends!


Ateliers mathématiques: le boggle des maths

There may be useful free things on this site like signs

Trivial pursuit grammaire/conjugaison : remise en page totale !

Un trivial pursuit de grammaire-conjugaison pour le Later nog bekijken.

Clip it, the only creative, educational, and sustainable  game, 90 % free!

Clip it is a creative assembly game, 90 % made out of plastic screw caps you already own.


Jeu fabriqués - Motamo, jeu de vocabulaire pour CE1

Voici le fruit d’une nouvelle collaboration entre Céline et moi : un jeu…

Kids Artists: Design your own board game

Kids Artists: Design your own board game. Great open house project for my board game theme classroom. Add a how-to writing about how to play the game!