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Olivier Maître

Olivier Maître
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as just one of over 100 different sub-groups, we highlight winning projects of the A' design award and competition's 2017 architecture, building and structure design category.

The residence on the rocky coast in Chile - Exterior 5

The WMR Arquitectos firm has implemented the project of the Till House on the rocky coastline, Chile. It was built as a country residence for the couple.

Kvåsfossen / Rever & Drage Architects

Completed in 2017 in Lyngdal, Norway. Images by Tom Auger. In 2014 a salmon ladder was opened at the Kvåsfossen waterfall in Lyngdal, Norway. As part of the ladder, an underground artificial pool was included.


Beach Cottage Design is cute idea for designing your interior especially if you live by the sea, ocean or lake. Interiors designed in beach style look special and cute because they are decorated with things that symbolize the sea like… Continue Reading →