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a boat floating on top of the ocean next to a palm tree
Koh Lipe, Thailand
a boat that is sitting in the water near some sand and blue water with people on it
Koh Lipe
there is a boat that is sitting on the sand at the beach and it's not far from the water
Koh Lipe, Thailand
an island in the middle of water surrounded by trees
island in Thailand
pink water lilies blooming in the middle of a pond with lily pads on it
Lotus lake in Thailand
the beach is lined with palm trees and blue water
Koh Samui beach
people are standing on a walkway next to a large buddha statue
Koh Samui temple
the white building has many spires on it's sides
Chiang Rai white Temple
people are on the beach with boats in the water
Koh Tao
three boats are docked on the shore of a tropical beach
Koh Lipe
many people are on the beach and in the water
Koh Samui
an aerial view of several small islands in the ocean with boats floating on top of them
National park in Thailand
the sun is setting over some boats on the water in front of an ocean shore
Mon dernier voyage en Thaïlande avant la pandémie -