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This week I'm stepping away from my in lieu of my It's a super hectic week and looking at a weekly spread…”

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when people spell "morning" as "mourning". but I mean same thing bc for real who isn't in mourning when they wake up and have to get out of bed- Great Banner Ideas for bullet Journaling, fun chore chart.

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Technique Tuesday - Planner Collection - Clear Acrylic Stamps - Important

TECHNIQUE TUESDAY: Planner Important x 4 Clear Photopolymer Stamp Set) This clear photopolymer stamp set is perfect for planners, calendars, reminders, pocket scrapbooks and cards. Set measures a

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Mountains of the Moon by Stephen Livingstone - handmade book with drawings made from pine ash ink on Chinese paper - multi layered magic box

Geographies - Graham Patten

Geographies Exhibit now at University of Vermont

Geographies: New England Book Work, the New England Chapter of The Guild of Book Workers exhibition, is now on view at The University of Vermont's Bailey/Howe Library (I went there!)in Burlington, Vermont through.