Oon Cub in Kid Bedroom

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a record player sitting on top of a white shelf next to a yellow bookcase
Le concept de l'étagère modulable
Étagère / bibliothèque cube jaune et blanche pour ranger des vinyles, 33 tours, disques. Un design moderne et épuré.
some plants are sitting on top of different colored boxes in the corner of a room
Étagère cube modulable
Étagère cube modulable dans des coloris pastels. Les modules peuvent être déplacé pour donner naissance à une autre bibliothèque.
an orange refrigerator sitting next to a white wall with the word concup written on it
Cube Rangement Design OonCub Made in France
Essayez !
a small house made out of bricks and glass with a slide in the front yard
70 Nurseries and Kids' Rooms You Have to See to Believe
This modern playhouse is too cool. Glass windows, multiple levels, and a slide make this space the ultimate luxury hideout. Source: Instagram user chefomeo
a large stack of magazines stacked on top of each other in different colors and sizes
24 Ultra Geeky and Creative Room Ideas for Kids
Climbing walls and beanstalks aren't synonymous with kids rooms, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. These geeky (and possibly very wealthy) parents decided to go all out for their children and created some of the most creative rooms to ever hit the internet.
a child's bedroom with climbing walls and a bed in the shape of a ball
22 Modern Book Shelves to Display Books in Creative and Beautiful Ways
22 Modern Book Shelves to Display Books in Creative and Beautiful Ways
a living room filled with furniture and green walls
These 31 Rooms Will Blow Your Mind. A One Way Ticket To Any Of These, Please?
Recessed bed - cool #loft idea this is a wonderful idea for kids- they tear up the furniture, spill drinks, food, jump on sofa-this would solve all of those problems-put a mattress protector on mattress and a sheet that u can wash when it gets dirty! Kids would love this, they can jump-wrestle-eat
a living room filled with white furniture and lots of balloons hanging from the ceiling above
10 of the Most Whimsical & Wonderful Kids’ Rooms We’ve Ever Seen
Magique et poétique : une chambre d'enfant avec toute une collection de mongolfières au plafond. Le blanc, qui domine dans la pièce, fait ressortir les couleurs vives des ballons.
IKEA HACKS FOR KIDS Ikea Hacks, Kids Bunk Beds, Kid Beds, Kids' Bed, Under Bed Storage, Toddler Room
a child's bedroom decorated in white and black with lights on the ceiling, bed made up to look like a house
Une joli chambre pour un petit garçon !
a bedroom with blue walls and furniture in the room, including a bed that has a built - in shelf above it
Une chambre enfant poétique en bleu, lit suspendu, luminaire nuage, tapis | Poetic Blue kid's Bedroom, Cloud Light, rug
a desk with a computer on top of it in front of a wall that has writing all over it
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Aménagement chambre d'enfant lit podium + bureau, déco Londres en blanc et rouge I Kid's / teenager's bedroom, white and red, London