Gaufrage / Embossed cards

Thick paper card laser-etched in custom relief design with cut-outs. Unique Business Card for Michael Gilmore from Mastri Design.

Complex 3D Embossed business card with letterpress. By #jukeboxprint

Amazing Embossed Business Card of Lion Investments. If you know the author or printer of this awesome card let me know.

embossed business cards

embossed business cards ~~~ if only the owners of my job would listen! We need embossed business cards!

I like using a rose gold color scheme could be an interesting approach.

Today I'll introduce you how to transform your logo, brand identity or typographic designs into realistic emboss effect on paper.

hot foil business cards

Letterpress is pure handicraft, wonderful metier, each single copy a unique work of art. Letterpress means emotions spread on the highest quality papers. Paper that has been refined with strong.

Gaufrage / Embossed Business Cards

Embossed business cards can be very classy and have the ability to stand out. Here are 21 examples of embossed business cards with different look and feel.

Gaufrage / Embossed business card

Here are 35 examples of minimalist clean business card designs in white. These cards were printed using either blind inkless embossing/debossing.

gold hot foil business cards + embossing

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