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a white bed topped with lots of pillows next to a wall mounted clock and lamp
Aménagement et décoration d'une maison à Genève
Aménagement et décoration d'une maison à Genève, Marion Lanoë - Côté Maison
a bedroom with blue walls and palm trees on the comforter is featured in instagram
Joli bleu dans une chambre Plus
a staircase made out of multicolored boxes in a room with yellow walls and wooden floors
WEBSTA @ designboom - connecting the lower and upper floors of a narrow, duplex apartment in paris is this vibrant 'pop #staircase' by architects laila nady and thomas huchet.see more #architecture and #interiors on #designboom
a table made out of wine corks in front of a couch with pillows on it
36 Amazing DIY Log Ideas
36 Amazing DIY Log Ideas
the stairs lead up to the kitchen and dining area in this modern home, which also has an open floor plan
the stairs are made of glass and wood
10 ideas para aprovechar el espacio bajo la escalera | homify
Colegio de Administradores de Fincas de Barcelona - Lleida : Oficinas y tiendas de estilo minimalista de inAflat arquitectura
an advertisement for a furniture manufacturer and exporter, with the image of a dining table surrounded by chairs
Home - Luchetti Krelle
ACME restaurant, Rushcutters Bay, Australia. Design by Luchetti Krelle. Photography by Michael Wee.
a long wooden table sitting on top of a black tiled floor next to a wall
Wooden Cantilever Bar Looks Like A Hovering Prism
Space-saving solution for a cramped Parisian restaurant ■ JMCA Atelier JMCA website via [contemporist]
the stairs in this house are made out of wood and black metal, with bookshelves
Design Detail - A Suspended Steel Staircase
there is a stair case full of books in the room that has a buddha statue on it
PDV PROD - Prise de vue production - Photographe professionnel à Bagnolet
escalier bibliotheque
a large piece of wood sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a table
Inspirations - Inspirations Pinterest par Smart Tiles #30
Oui, il s’agit d’une porte coulissante en bois massif naturel.
an open door leading to a staircase in a house with black walls and wood floors
Nuances de bleu & style industriel - Frenchyfancy
Nuances de bleu & style industriel - FrenchyFancy
a living room with black walls and wooden stairs
Sarah Lavoine | New Paris Boutique | est living
Sarah Lavoine | Paris Store | Est Magazine