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Multicoloured or plain, the VIRAGE bar stool is available in different colours... You can even choose the colours according to your wishes!
Softness, modernity, naturalness, this is what rattan offers for our VIRAGE bar stools.
Focus on rattan, a natural material that offers soft, shawling curves.


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The SILLON chair highlights one of the typical attributes of rattan furniture, the seat and backrest upholstery made of thin parallel rods. Reminiscent of the visual rhythm of a Zen garden raked with curves, the name "sillon" came naturally. Photo by salmonlair
ONDE rattan mirror.


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Zoom in on the weaving of fluting, which brings us back to a unique know-how!
Reminder of the weaving and manufacturing techniques of exotic baskets for this TRAVERSE rattan bench.
The CONTOUR armchair is an ideal partner for your cosy everyday environment.

AC/AL studio

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The LIMBE lamp reinvent the classic work of rattan curls. Mobile and design, it has been imagined to adapt to any place in your home.
PANÔ range. Space dividers, shelves and mirrors, the PANÔ range offers you the possibility to harmonise your decoration thanks to a choice of functional and design products.
Nelson and Maxence from AT-ONCE studio created here a range of original objects that propose totally new functions. Playing with the open work of the cane webbing panel on one side, this mid height shelf will discretly store behind the screen keys, wallets, cell phones, etc... and shoes, bags, plants on the lower open shelf. It will be an excellent valet stand as well. 70cm width x 12cm depth.

AT-ONCE studio

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a light bulb hanging from the ceiling in a wooden structure with curved wood slats
[ NYMPHEA ] - The rattan pendant light inspired by nature ! #nymphea #nymphealamp #pendantlight #lampshade #rattanlamp #designlamp #lamp #lampe #lampenymphea #suspension #lampeenrotin #lampedesign #orchidedition #naturalinspiration #naturaleffect #rattandecoration #deco #rattaninspiration #atonce #atoncestudio
Cushions for rattan chair SILLON
Looking for colour with your SILLON rattan chair? Discover our optional cushions.... Materials, colours, styles, there's something for everyone!
New rattan chair SILLON
Discover our SILLON chair in a new version with more bars for greater comfort and a design as modern as ever.
cushions for the rattan chair are shown in four different colors and sizes, along with text that reads cushion for the rattan chair
Cushion for rattan chair SILLON
Our SILLON rattan chair comes with an optional collection of cushions in a wide choice of basic or modern colours.
a close up view of several wooden dowels on a white background with no people around it
ORCHID EDITION furniture is 100% rattan, right down to the binding for a refined finish. Handmade for a unique and authentic look!
the words, better color strips that add color to your home
Our VIRAGE stools are decorated with straps in different colours... Red, blue, yellow, green, beige, they leave an infinite number of possibilities for colour combinations.
a stool made out of wood and fabric with a black handle on the backrest
For this 2023 season, discover the new "large" version of our VIRAGE rattan bar stool. As stylish as ever, with a seat that can be customized thanks to a range of straps available in several colors. It's up to you to let your imagination run wild!
Designed by Guillaume Delvigne the SILLON dining chair is typical of how rattan furniture is usually assembled. Reminding us of the curved and parallel little furrows ("sillon" in French) of a zen garden, the name of this chair came naturally. Cushion in option.
a chair made out of wicker sitting on top of a white floor next to a wall
the new catalogue features all kinds of furniture
New catalogue ORCHID EDITION
Download the new "2023 edition" catalogue from our website.
two images of the same stool with different patterns
Standard or wide, our VIRAGE rattan bar stool now comes in two sizes. The wide version, new for 2023, offers a wider seat than our previous model for even greater comfort, with the same colourful, modern touch provided by the woven straps!
Ultra trendy, with a natural rattan structure and a weave of coloured webbing for the seat, our VIRAGE bar stools offer a contemporary style that will blend in with your interior, whatever your decor. It's a must-have piece of furniture for your home for a touch of colour and modernism!
an upholstered chair made out of woven material with different colored strips on it
Colourful straps
The trend for woven furniture with colourful straps is here to brighten up your space! Our VIRAGE rattan stools ride this trend with a seat woven with straps in trendy colours. Every detail of this design is meticulously crafted to bring a modern feel to your interior. A real play on textures and colours, add a touch of creativity and sparkle to your decor with our bold, trendy rattan bar stools.
a stool made out of wood and fabric with a black handle on the backrest
A perfect fusion of modernity and contemporary design - our rattan bar stool VIRAGE LARGE is a real gem for your space! With its carefully hand-woven rattan frame and clean lines, this stool is the epitome of elegance and style. Add a natural touch to your bar with this stool that skilfully combines comfort and aesthetics.
a stool made out of wood and rope with a black handlebar on the seat
VIRAGE modern barstool
Designed by Aurélien Veyrat and Lauriane Beaunier, the VIRAGE bar stool completes the ORCHID EDITION range with a dynamic line created by the curves of the rattan, as well as the choice of a synthetic webbing inaugurating a resolutely modern approach to the material.
four chairs made out of woven material on a white background with text overlaying the image
VIRAGE rattan barstool
VIRAGE is an explosion of colour for an ultra modern rattan bar stool. The combination of the curves of the wood with the verticality of the weaving of the straps offers a contemporary and timeless design.
a man holding a tennis racquet standing next to a chair and another chair
For ORCHID EDITION, GUILLAUME DELVIGNE is determined to create furniture in rattan and only in rattan. He uses all the by-products made from rattan cane and brings an in-depth study of traditional models to create solid structures with innovative shapes. Discover his career on the dedicated blog on our website.
the chair is made out of wood and has grey cushions
a close up view of a chair made out of bent wooden sticks and wood dows
a mirror with a wooden frame on top of a white table next to a wall
woven material with different colors and patterns on it's surface, including red, white, grey, yellow and black strips
Tabouret de bar en rotin design et sangles - ORCHID EDITION
The strapping of the seats of our VIRAGE stools is made to order in our workshops. In addition to the standard formulas we offer, it is possible to obtain a personalised weave based on our available colours (please contact us for details). #furniture #furnituredesign #stool #designerfurniture #modernfurniture #diningroomdecor #modernbarstools #strapping #sangle #nylon #barstool #tabouret #rotin #rattan #designer #architecte
Bar stool
The VIRAGE rattan bar stool is a stylish, colourful and trendy design!
a woven basket with the words looking for something new? your ideas are our inspiration
a black table with a metal holder on it
Pot patère PANÔ
Voici un accessoire à visser sur le sommet du séparateur d'espace, du miroir ou de l'étagère PANÔ. Comme son nom l'indique, il servira de cache-pot et de crochet à habit. Le cache pot pourra aussi servir de grand vide poche.
a black metal object on a white surface with one arm extended to the other side
Patère PANÔ
Cette patère simple permet de suspendre un vêtement ou un sac. Accessoire à associer à la gamme PANÔ, en le clipsant sur le sommet du séparateur d'espace, du miroir ou de l'étagère.
a black object sitting on top of a white table
Grande tablette amovible pour Etagères en rotin design PANÔ
Besoin d'un petit coin "vide poche" ? Notre grande tablette PANÔ est faite pour vous ! Simplement moderne, son design épuré s'adapte à tous les styles d'intérieur. (Accessoire à visser sur le sommet du séparateur d'espace ou de l'étagère PANÔ).
a black tray sitting on top of a white table next to a gray wall and floor
Petite tablette
Parce que nous n'avons jamais trop d'espace de rangement, la petite tablette amovible PANÔ, à fixer au sommet de nos séparateurs d'espace, est une excellente alternative pour y déposer vos petits accessoires...