ORCHID-EDITION offers you rattan furniture that will give your home a warm decoration. Cocooning effect guaranteed!
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The work of the at-once studio is part of a luxurious approach to rattan: a solid, massive, generous material treated with exuberance.
The natural rattan enhances the "IDRIS" fabric which will sublimate your interiors with its colourful and flowery touch perfect for a contemporary decoration! The BÔA sofa has been designed by Maxence Boisseau and Nelson Alves from AT-ONCE studio.


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Setting the scene for our NACELLE rattan table lamp...
Quality and robustness of rattan combined with the know-how of rattan craftsmen for our PASSE-PASSE desks.
This is the strong point of our PASSE-PASSE rattan desk...


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Découvrez toutes les étapes de préparation du rotin, dans l'article dédié, disponible sur notre site via l'onglet "Le rotin".
Natural beauty of rattan, an elegant material for a unique chair.
Visual rhythm for this rattan chair that is unlike any other!


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Miroir sur pied en rotin PANÔ. PANÔ standing mirror in rattan. Design: At-Once studio for Orchid Edition.
PANÔ roptionnal shelf small designed by At-Once
Miroir sur pied en rotin PANÔ. PANÔ standing mirror in rattan. Design: At-Once studio for Orchid Edition.

AT-ONCE studio

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Around a table or as a side chair, it's up to you to choose where the CONTOUR armchair will fit in your home ! Photo by salmonlair.
Warm up your interior by creating a warm atmosphere with the CONTOUR armchair and the CORRIDOR coffee table from ORCHID EDITION.
Fauteuil en rotin et cannage PLUS par le studio AC/AL.

Studio AC/AL

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Rattan armchair CONTOUR
Contour is a modern rattan armchair that will stand the test of time without losing its style. The cane and curves combine to give you a model that's right up to date with the times, and will fit in with modern, vintage and classic decor!
the cover of joyeux noell, which is written in blue and white
Joyeux Noël
Celebrate the holidays in style with our exquisite Designer Rattan Furniture collection. Embrace the timeless beauty of rattan craftsmanship and elevate your space with elegance and sophistication. Experience the true essence of "joyeux noël" as you create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your loved ones. Discover our exquisite range today. Shop now and make this festive season truly memorable.
a chair made out of wicker with an upholstered back and seat cushion
a curved wooden mirror on a white wall
a light that is hanging from the ceiling with wires attached to it's sides
a couch that is sitting on top of a wooden frame and has a colorful flower print upholstered seat
HUBLOT mood grey
HUBLOT... A rattan armchair with all the hallmarks of timeless design!
What's new in 2023 ?
Find out what's new for the 2023 season!
Design rattan coffee table - ORCHID EDITION
a close up view of the back side of a chair with wicker pattern on it
a wooden table sitting on top of a white floor
Rattan standing lamp
[ NACELLE - Rattan Standing Lamp ]
IDRIS collection
[ IDRIS FABRIC ] by @maisonthevenon