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Snow and Ice Boots with Retractable Spikes | Craziest Gadgets

Conquer the outdoors this winter with the retractable spikes snow boots. These tough-as-nails snow boots feature retractable spikes built right into the sole, so you can transition seamlessly when travelling through changing terrains.

After falling so many times last winter... now these are happening!

Hillsound Trail Crampon - Trail Crampons are a relatively new product that provide traction on snow and ice in the winter. Use them on every winter hike -- even in loose snow, they improve traction. On icy trails, they're essential

Flux Snowshoe features adaptable footprint that reacts to its environment. Inspired by origami, the folding platform shrinks away when a hiker lifts his/her foot to take a step and automatically open as they set their foot back down.

What do origami and a snowshoe have in common? Nothing, unless it& the Flux Snowshoe. Designed by Eric Brunt, this snowshoe promises to be less cumbersome than a regular snowshoe via an origami-inspired kinematic construction.

New Balance | 3D-Printed Shoes

The popular sneaker brand and global leader in athletic shoes New Balance is making use of printing to create a super track shoe. All athletes can now customize their spike plates with the help of printing for the best individual specifications.

1 | New Balance Pushes Ahead In Design Race To Bring 3-D Printed Shoes To Consumers | Fast Company | business + innovation

New Balance today announced their newest running shoe model that includes the company's first printed midsole. Hoping to beat competitors Nike and Adidas to the finish line, their first consumer-oriented printed shoe will be available as early as April

Terrex Trail Cross on Behance

The Adidas Terrex Trail Cross is a hybrid shoe. A cross between hiking and mountain biking functionality, with the aesthetic of pure adrenaline!