With tiny, precise pen strokes and careful cross-hatching, Italian artist Alfred Basha captures the complexity of natural life. His drawings interweave animal figures with flora and fauna. Deer antlers are transformed into trees and craggy mountain ranges

"Eyes and ears of the hanged god" A work in progress. Just to give a full view of the project so far.

Meatshop Tattoo is specialized in Blackwork Tattoos, Dotwork Tattoos & Nordic Tattoos plus a bit of graphic design, but no challenge is beyond us

<3. Tat inspiration... Play around  with a tree of life / yin yang combo with top half of tree as one, and roots as other.

First of all, I should explain what this is. This is the Celtic Tree of Life. It symbolizes balance and harmony. I love the element of lines this design uses. The Celtic knots and branches in tree create a flow. Also, this design shows the element of time

Une légende commune dans beaucoup de pays comme l'Irlande, la Bretagne et même en Island. L'arbre de vie (Tree Of Life) - Irlande A l’époque des Celtes, les terres étaient recouvertes en gran...

The Tree of Life symbolizes that all life on Earth is related and connected. Wallpaper and background photos of Celtic Symbol: Tree Of Life for fans of Paganism images.

Dessins celtiques d'animaux 2 Coloriage

Celtic Animals Designs 2 coloring page from Celtic Art category. Select from 28148 printable crafts of cartoons, nature, animals, Bible and many more.