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Cooking Fast and Fresh with West: Episode 1 - YouTube

Cooking Fast and Fresh with West: Episode 1 -Misha Collins and his son West make a homemade meal ;) cutest thing i've ever seen!

Awww, Benedict...

"Stay humble darling, it is one of your most endearing features!" <--- "That's such a nice thing to say about someone. So many feels." <-------This whole thing is just too precious

Jensen and Misha-Personal space - YouTube

lol funny video of Misha invading Jensen's "personal space" at I love how Jensen tries so hard to be professional too

Castiel; Mr Comatose - YouTube

Vidlet featuring Castiel (a.a Mr Comatose), and his red-meat-lovin', alcoholic, sarcastic self. What I wanna kno.

Misha impersonating Jensen as Dean - YouTube

Please, give me credits if you use that video, because I shot it myself at Roadhouse Con, in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. All the rights belong to both Midia Kri.

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Unfortunately there's still a lot of street violence in Haiti. I witnessed this horrible incident yesterday: