Mais c'est le titre d'un livre ....

Sauf que malheureusement c'est pas le cas, t'es bel et bien con.

Cendrillon n'a jamais demandé un prince. Elle a demandé un jour de congé et une robe.

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"Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress". An inspirational and fun quote by author Kiera Cass

Love is love. And she drives me wild. #Lesbian #Love

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"When you love someone, you take it as a whole, with all their baggage, all its obligations. You take his history, his past and his present. You take everything, or nothing."

"When you love someone, you take all of them, all their baggage, all their obligations. You take their history, their past and their present.

Meaning of "lesbian sex" - sorry it's a bit vulgar but I couldn't resist. Lots of annoying questions that aren't anyone's business have lead me to thinking this is an amazing response!

The final paragraph explains it all! Meaning of "lesbian sex"