Matthieu Bourel - Family Head / Patriach, 2011

French artist Matthieu Bourel, based in Berlin, makes wonderful collages from actors’ photographs such as Gregory Peck, and also famous actresses and sing

Anish Kapoor - C Curve (2007)

Anish Kapoor C-Curve, 2007 Stainless steel 220 x 770 x 300 cm, Lisson Gallery

Matthieu Bourel - Autohypnosis, 2014

asylum-art: Illustrator Matthieu Bourel’s Résumé GIF Collages

Kara Walker - A Subtlety @ Domino Sugar Factory (2014)

Sneak Peek At Kara Walker's "Monumental" Domino Installation: Gothamist

Daniel Buren - DEFINI FINI INFINI, Travaux in Situ @ MAMO (Marseille)

Daniel Buren installs mirrors and coloured glass on Le Corbusiers Cit Radieuse rooftop.

Matthieu Bourel - Hormones Room, 2014

Matthieu Bourel’s Bizarre Collages and GIFs Deconstruct Vintage Photographs

Gerry Judah Installation for Mercedes-Benz @ Goodwood Festival of Speed 2014

gerry judah arches mercedes-benz sculpture at goodwood festival of speed - designboom

Desert Breath by D.A.ST Arteam

Monumental Land Art Installation in the Sahara. The artwork was a collaborative effort spanning two years between installation artist Danae Stratou, industrial designer Alexandra Stratou, and architect Stella Constantinides.

Anish Kapoor - C Curve (2007)

Curved Steel Walls Reflect an Upside Down World by Indian-born British sculptor Anish Kapoor - My Modern Metropolis