Visual artist Shirin Abedinirad creates stunning mirror installations while traveling the world. Whether she places mirrors on the steps of a staircase in Treviso, Italy, or in the middle of the Central Desert in Iran, her projects look like the sky is touching the earth

Stunning Mirror Installations By Shirin Abedinirad

Pins installation

Pins Installation by Ran Hwang

Dreaming of Joy installation by Ran Hwang: Made of thousands of red buttons each secured by a pin to a wooden panel, the artist's painstaking execution is akin to a monk practicing Zen. The piece was only complete when the bird was surrounded by a 'cage'.

Gordon Matta-Clark

Gordon Matta-Clark - Conical Intersect (detail), rue Beaubourg, Paris, courtesy of David Zwirner, NY and the Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark

Iván Navarro - Post - 2013

Iván Navarro Post, 2013 Neon light, one way mirror, mirror, energy 72 × 24 × 24 in 183 × 61 × 61 cm Baró Galeria

Sheer will: Artist Do-Ho Suh's ghostly fabric sculptures explore the meaning of home | Wallpaper*

Sheer will: Artist Do-Ho Suh's ghostly fabric sculptures explore the meaning of home

Massive Fabric Sculpture is Life-Size Home within Home - Korean artist Do Ho Suh has just come out with a massive fabric sculpture. It's a scale replica of two houses the artist had previously lived in, one inside the other.


hundreds of yards of wire mesh artist Edoardo Tresoldi has built an interpretation of an early Christian church that once stood in its place at the current Archaeological Park of Siponto, Italy.


To celebrate the anniversary of the National Art Center of Tokyo opening its doors, architect Emmanuelle Moureaux has created forest numbers, welcomes guests into the exhibition room. Moureaux numbers of numbers Art Center

Lifesize Sewn Fabric Sculptures by Do Ho Suh | Illusion Magazine

Lifesize Sewn Fabric Sculptures by Do Ho Suh

JR lazinc

JR lazinc

arnaud lapierre and UAP place immersive ring of mirrors in shanghai

as the artist’s first permanent artwork in china, arnaud lapierre and UAP\'s \'ring - chain\' sculpture mirrors visitors\' reflections to infinity.

Art Direction & Illustration: Logitech Craft by Pawel Nolbert

Let's take a look at the illustration and art direction work by the mighty Pawel Nolbert who has been making the news with the Logitech Craft Launch

filipe vilas-boas the punishment installation designboom

french artist filipe vilas-boas has teamed up with architect paul coudamy to create this dark-humoured installation, 'the punishment'.