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One of the Most beautiful and heartbreaking moment of Captain Swan so far

Captain Swan is my favorite ship. Hook loves Emma so much and Emma still hasn't realized that she loves him too

this whole episode was brilliant. It was so Captain Swan centered and setting us up for their story line in season 4 it was glorious.

Hook: "Swan what the hell are you doing? You are depriving of a dashing rescue" Emma: "Well don't you know the only one who saves me is me" Haha loved this scene and their playful banter


Hook: “I know you’re hurting, Swan, But there are better ways to grieve Baelfire’s death than let anger overcome you.” Emma: “Let me guess, rum?” Hook: “Never hurts.

Captain Hook's internal dialogue by paradisdebilles

Am I willing to die to kill the crocodile? Bring it on. I forgot to tell Swan I love her. Nope, not today.