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a blue lit up pac - man game in the middle of a dark room with neon lights
Bud Light Super Bowl 2015 TV Spot, 'Real Life PacMan #UpForWhatever'
people playing a game on a table with an interactive maze in the middle and several small figurines surrounding it
Play testing my new Pac Man inspired Heroclix map.
a woman leaning against a yellow wall with orange and white pillows on it's sides
Amazing Enironment Graphic Design
whirlwind prize gift game machine
a woman standing in front of a machine with buttons on it's sides and wheels
people are standing in the middle of a green maze
a board game is being played in front of a group of people on the sidewalk
HFA | Fully Integrated Architecture + Engineering
an inflatable playground with people playing on it
Craig & Karl’s graphic Canary Wharf minigolf installation is a colourful addition to London's business district
We have your foreseeable summer months mapped out, and it involves a nine-hole course, immersive design, and realising how bad your golf swing is with Minigolf – open today for evening play.
four metal gears on display in a glass case with information about them and their names
Gateway to the Gates Foundation: Visitor Center by Olson Kundig - Interior Design
three old fashioned payphones are lined up against the wall, one is red and green
Bottom-up Social Structure's Reshaping: the case of "Project Row Houses" | | Flash Art
a woman standing in front of a store window with red ribbon on it's display
Mecca Max Launch Claw Machine
a display case with an orange and white object on it's side that says would you like to swim in the thamess if it was clean and safe?
a red and white spinning wheel with light bulbs on transparent background stock photo - budget conscious
Premium Vector | Wheel of fortune, lucky icon. illustration
a video game booth with neon lights on the walls and two boxing gloves sitting in front of it
BotBoxer | Smart Boxing Machine for an Ultimate Workout
a woman standing in front of a pink wall with hearts drawn on it and giving the thumbs up
Museum Of Ice Cream in San Francisco
a person's hand on top of a game board with many different things to do
Unique Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Goldilocks Effect - Gift Guides
a blue exercise bike sitting on top of a wooden platform in front of a colorful display
Aberdeen Marina — Boss Display
Pedal Power
New Drop: The Mini Ivy Bag In Lush Green
a woman standing in front of a wall with yellow streamers hanging from the ceiling
Adidas makes it really, really fun to try on a new pair of sneakers
a pink and purple display case in the shape of a chair with an abstract design on it
Exhibits for Deutsche Telekom @MWC2019, Barcelona
a large banner is being displayed on the side of a building with people standing around it
#goodwoodfestivalofspeed #cars #motor
a man is standing in front of a large screen at a convention or exhibition area
Telekom - Interactive Games at IFA
For Deutsche Telekom, we developed two interactive games to highlight two of their products during the international consumer electronics fair (IFA 2018), which took place in Berlin and for MWC 2019 in Barcelona.
three men standing on top of a podium with their arms in the air and holding up trophies
BREAKING: “I don’t seem to win boring races." - Ricciardo - ASC - Action Sports Connection
Podium. #china2018
Gateway Games
Gateway Games
Gateway Games
Gateway Games
Gateway Games
Gateway Games
The Gateway Games were launched at Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre in the July school holidays. They included plenty of fun activities for kids of all ages to test their skills. Kids could shoot some hoops, try to score a strike on the bowling alley or try one of the reaction test games. The Gateway Games activation was custom designed by Dec the Malls and was manufactured in house at our Perth headquarters. Images thanks to Cockburn Gateway.
a man is standing in front of a display
noYY 865 on Behance
a futuristic display with blue and white lights
Roadshow: Siemens 360° Digitalization Tour
people are standing in front of an interactive display
The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center - Local Projects
two men are standing in front of a wall that has pink and black designs on it
556 Sensors Mimic Skin of Renault Dezir Electric Car
a crowd of people standing around in front of a large screen with images on it
SAMSUNG | IFA 2017 | Inspired by You
SAMSUNG | IFA 2017 | Inspired by You
a white box with colorful writing on it
Free Printable Wrapping Paper {12 Great Designs} -
a woman writing on a white wall with red and black letters in the form of words
Wall Graphics | Graphic Wall Decals | Blik
several people are working on various items in an outdoor area with wooden tables and stools
Survivor Photos on CBS
Candice, Marissa and John compete during the Redemption Challenge on the fourth episode
a woman standing at a table with an open laptop computer on it's side
Survivor contestant Ashley Underwood
A Numbers Game - Ep14 F5 IC
two people standing in front of a giant board game on the grass with soccer balls
Basketball connect 4 - Awesome
several people are standing on a dock near the water and some chairs that have been made out of legos
Survivor: Cagayan - Immunity Challenge: Vertigo
two people standing in front of a red heart shaped umbrella
Times Square Arts: Times Square Arts | Times Square Art
several colorful bikes are on display in front of a wall with words that say you got this
5 Signs Of A Well-Run Sport Show Exhibition Hall - DD Exhibitions
two men riding bikes around a miniature track
Pedal Powered Scalextric
Pedal Powered Scalextric
people are walking around in front of a display with an image of a woman running
BK Cenografia
people in yellow vests and hard hats are playing with balls inside a building filled with construction equipment
20 Unknown Things To Do In East Singapore Even Easties Haven't Heard Of
20 Unknown Things To Do In East Singapore Even Easties Haven't Heard Of - TheSmartLocal
people are standing on top of a stage with black and white signs in front of them
Racing Simulation Seat - - Page 2
a group of people riding on top of a futuristic car
two people are playing video games in an interactive gaming room with blue lighting and neon lights
VR Arcade Games Machine factory price for sale | Owatch™
VR Arcade Games Machine factory price for sale | Owatch™
a group of people standing in front of a large screen with two men on it
Simulador de rafting en el pabellón de Aragón en Fitur 2014
Simulador de rafting en el pabellón de Aragón en Fitur 2014
the marquee for charlotte tulliry is set up in an indoor mall
Retail Design Agency, Creative Retail Design - Design4Retail‎
the instructions for how to make an interactive prize reveal stand with no - ground gaming logo on it
Hi-Rise Sculpt Jeans
Ahoy mateys! This pirate-themed prize reveal for Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison looked like a ship's helm, but each spoke was actually a handle to a sword-shaped gamepiece that could be pulled out by lucky winners. This one-of-a-kind interactive piece was engineered with PVC, styrene and magnets for a fun way for gamblers to collect their booty.
an indoor climbing gym with blue and orange foam cubes on the floor, while a projection screen is projected in the background
Liben Self Brand Indoor Soft Play Trampoline Park-POKIDDO
Museum of Illusions Will Blow Your Mind
two women standing in front of an open book with paper flowers on the wall behind them
デジタルアートで想いを伝えるサプライズプロポーズ!I-PRIMO×FLOWERS by NAKED「デジタルアートプロポーズ」
Book Mapping by NAKED
the inside of an office building with stairs and glass doors that lead to another room
360 LED - Interactive Experience Room
This is "360 LED - Interactive Experience Room" by Multi Media Sense on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
four different images of people standing on stage in front of large screens with colorful lights
バンドー神戸青少年科学館 第3展示室 - 空間デザイン事例 - デザイン情報サイト[JDN]
バンドー神戸青少年科学館 第3展示室 - 空間デザイン事例 - デザイン情報サイト[JDN]
a video screen showing an overview of the future city
Energy City
people are standing in front of a large screen with an image of a city on it
Digital Interactive Exhibits for the Intel Museum | Stimulant
Since 2012, Stimulant has been the Intel Museum’s interactive partner of record. We’ve developed over a dozen different interactive museum exhibits that cover a staggering range of content, from highlighting fifty-plus years of company and employee achievements, milestones and world’s firsts on interactive touchscreens, to making Moore’s Law and binary code understandable to schoolchildren, to interactively illustrating how the Internet of Things is improving the lives of millions.