Scale & Proportion: because of how small the boat and plane appear to be, the background feels huge

Les illustrations de Shout

Alessandro Gottardo Napoli by night

Alessandro Gottardo (aka Shout) just reached out to us to tell us about his new set of sweet and surreal illustrations. As we had said before, Gottardo& c

La Bande des Faineantes: Pois Thursday - Kandinsky - Calder - Delaunay

Alexander Calder, Red and Yellow Among Blacks, Calder uses simple shapes to create this abstract composition. The red and yellow circles create a clear focal point and prevent it from being too static.

Meditallucination, geoff mcfetridge, ltvs, lancia trendvisions

Beautiful minimal Illustrations is the work of artist geoff mcfetridge. Painting has been a part of his art making since

Sognatrice impenitente. Ottimista sfacciata. Sorridente per "difetto" di fabbrica. Contorta nella mia semplicità. Dolcemente incasinata.

I love this print. "The way we met, it happened so fast," illustration based on a one-liner by Patrik Svensson.