Illusion d'optique

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the instructions for how to build a wooden frame
Infinity Cube Bauplan
three frames sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a wrench and screwdriver
Infinity Prism - Everything Metal and Wood
a small wooden object with strings attached to it on top of a white bed sheet
I made a Tensegrity Table
a person is making wooden pieces with glue on the floor and in front of them
Des bandes de bois à 3 faces sur carton deviennent une illusion d'optique
there are two sides of a poster with words on it and the other side has black letters
Anamorphic illustration: Two sides to every story
someone is holding a cd with scissors in their hand
Science Archives - Layers of Learning
Optical Illusions Experiments for Kids - Layers of Learning
a yellow lego object sitting on top of a black floor next to a brick wall
Lego Optical Illusions
lego optical illusion
a black and white silhouette of a wine glass with the word,'i do not know what this is
Optical Illusions For Kids - 25 Brilliant Examples | Design Press
Chalice Artistic Optical Illusion
the inside of a building with legos on it and pictures of people climbing stairs
Lego Optical Illusions » Design You Trust. Design, Culture & Society.
a person holding a string with a drawing on it
A l i n e C a r o n ☾ (@mylittlefabric) • Instagram photos and videos
TUTO du Thaumatrope ou jouet optique simple qui permet grâce à la persistance rétinienne de former une image (animée ou non) avec deux images. Un peu de magie avec du papier, un bout de ficelle et du carton :)