Dream dining in Chamonix, France

theblackworkshop: “ Unobstructed view of the Mont Blanc at “Le Panoramique” restaurant in Le Brévent, Chamonix, France. Photo by Lu Chien-Ping) ” Unobstructed view of the Mont Blanc at “Le.

Mont Blanc - the Alps of France

visitheworld: Climbers on Rochefort ridge, Mont Blanc Massif, France (by Alpine Light & Structure). via It's a beautiful world

Mont Blanc #chamonix

♥ Mont Blanc - Queen of the Alps by Kamil Tamiola The south face of Mont Blanc is counted among the top 10 most dangerous climbs in Europe. On the photograph, dramatic clouds reveal the very summit of Mont Blanc

Haute Route Chamonix – Zermatt

Haute Route Chamonix – Zermatt

Chamonix is the start of the infamous Haute Route to Zermatt, France and Switzerland