Un petit tableau avec des cailloux ? Une activité créative adorable et jolie ! #kiri #deco #home #enfant #diy #bricolage #art

Beach Pebble Art Stone Pictures "Up, Up and Away" --rock art on Etsy

à la manière de richter

drag and scrape art technique with paint. "I want to be Gerhard Richter when I grow up!" Use the wooden paint stir sticks


poule_en_origami video instructions perfect for Easter treats

Cool/Warm art project - I made these with my grade 4/5 students last year. We did not use a photocopy but the rulers width or compass. The nicest and most difficult ones were the students who made lines that intercepted or more than one circle pattern on a page. They looked Fab when done!

Art Projects for Kids: Warm Hand Template. I'm doing this project with my girls and my friends kids tomorrow! Great display of complimentary colors and warm/cool!

Art : à la manière de Marc Allante - La classe de Mallory

Art : à la manière de Marc Allante

un artiste franco-chinois installé à Hong-Kong et qui se nomme Marc Allante

Op-Art pour Maman (ou Papa). Ou : Le petit cadeau de la Fête des Mères qui fera fureur.

patterned background paper, draw a heart, color accordingly

Art project about autumn leaves. For first grade and up. The students learn how…

Autumn Art Activity and Lesson Plan for Kids: Autumn Leaves

draw a leaf with warm colors. background with cool Pastel oil, tempera block paint ans black crayon.

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