en couleur sous pochette plastique, tracer les chemins aux feutres effaçables comme l'indique le dé.

Preschool Scented Sugar Sensory Trays

Valentine's Day Pre-Writing Practice - love this idea. Make a die and have students connect any two pictures depending on roll of die. Doesnt have to only be used for Valentine's day either!

Magnifique artiste, magnifique travail. Andy Goldsworthy

Landart, by Andy Goldsworthy This would be difficult to create such a perfect dug up path.

Le trait vertical/ horizontal à l'encre

I'm using the concept to teach Vertical and Horizontal lines as well as Primary and Secondary Colors by using watercolor paints.

Les algorithmes - Webécoles - Grenoble 4

Les algorithmes - Webécoles - Grenoble 4 Plus


Great center activity for to reinforce line. Students make line designs with colored rope and then they draw what they create.

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