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Patrick Vrolant
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Мокасины, Южные Арапахо. 1900 гг. Чендлер-Порт.

Moccasins- Southern Arapaho- rawhide- Beads- Buckskin- smoked- sinew- braintanned- triangles- Dress and Adornment, Dai - Center of the West Online Collections

Moccasins- Crow

Moccasins- Crow- Crow Indian Reservation, Montana- rawhide- leather- light blue- blue- Clear- seed- orange- lining- so - Center of the West Online Collections

Crow Moccasins, Material: Hide, Beads (Glass), Sinew, Thread, Pigment

Details of Crow beadwork techniques have been published by the Museum of the American Indian Heye Foundation in the booklet Crow Indian Beadwork.

Moccasins, Northern Plains, Assiniboine - Nakoda

Moccasins- Northern Plains- Assiniboine- Nakoda- Cotton cloth- glass beads- tanned hide- cotton thread- Men's moccasin - Center of the West Online Collections

Cheyenne Keyhole Design Moccasins

Cheyenne woman's pair of moccasins with the "keyhole" design. The beadwork is done in white, blue and orange solid colored beads and clear red beads. The maker used commercial leather for the body of the moccasins.