The best balcony decoration samples in this gallery. These beautiful balcony ideas will inspire you really. If you were tired of your old balcony design,

Petit balcon nature

Small balcony in natural tone: white, grey and light brown with little cute & sweet flowers! >< - Using a fit-to-corner bench to make the most of the space & a round table to make it look less cramped

Green balcony

I like this combination of plant & wood together. Also, using these shelfs and stands help you keep your plants tidy.

Des meubles pour gagner de l'espace sur la balcon... http://www.m-habitat.fr/terrasse/balcons/la-dalle-en-bois-un-charme-naturel-pour-votre-balcon-1304_A

Aménager un balcon avec des plantes et une table

Petit balcon : idées pour l'aménager avec style - Marie Claire Maison

Nos meilleures idées pour aménager un petit balcon

Small cushioned bench against end of balcony, small table, chair across. Storage space under bench = bonus. Other end of balcony should be covered with plants and flowers.

balcón verde


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