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Connor- j'ai choisi ce main en feu pour représenté le sutty dans "Le tour de monde en 80 jours". En le livre il dit "qu'est que c'est un sutty?" "A la mort de leur mari, les épouses acceptent d'êtres brûlés Vives avec leur mari!" Je choisi ce citation parle qu'il explique c'est quoi un sutty. C'est un poin tournant dans la livre parle qu'il rencontre mme Auoda

I'll set you on fire with one touch. ~ETS (Combine fire, glow and crack effect in Adobe Photoshop to create a realistic burning image.

"The first casualty of war is always innocence."

Look a little closer, look a bit longer, don't you see the invisible women reaching for the dark space where her face should be. not clamped hands reaching for the floating crown. wait in till the illogical becomes logical

skating - Steve Mutter / Mixtapes Are Spiritual Things

Glitch Artists Collective — skating - Steve Mutter / Mixtapes Are Spiritual.

You’ll get what you want. You’ll get your oblivion. — Louise Glück, excerpt of Marathon

Selected works by very talented and only 19 years old Dutch girl - Esme Fransen, an international relations student with an interest in communism, revolution, old objects, and art.

Depression always with you, stone in de beschrijving town ik hem wilde pinnen. Het mooie vind ik dat ze hier de depressie als een wit figuur hebben afgebeeld. - 2011

“Don’t be afraid, Liebling,” he crooned. Elsie shuddered at the term of endearment. “We aren’t going to harm you.” He chuckled.

Welcome to the real world #FredericClad

~ Reaping A Brave New Life ~ London urban poetry artist Robert Montgomery works with text in a post-Situationist tradition.

Mark Demsteader

portraits by artist Mark Demsteader. The Manchester-based contemporary figurative artist is a self-taught master of the human form. His oil on canvas pieces feature pale figures set against a dark background.


Portrait Of A Dead Man, Damien Mammoliti. ~art provocateur~ Portrait Of A Dead Man, Damien Mammoliti