Ringshot turns your hand into a Slingshot

Ringshot turns your hand into a Slingshot. Isn't your hand basically already a slingshot?

multiple accessory ring brush

where can i get this i must know cool jewelry multiple accessory ring brush beard guy man hair

UK-based Thai jeweller Natha Khunpraserthttp://www.nathakhunprasert.com/

Your fingertips are a touch sensitive. They do most (if not all) of the work of being a finger, yet it's the rest of the digit that gets to dress up and look nice. UK-based Thai jeweller Natha Khunprasert makes sure your tips get the focus they deserve.

Gestes Borel-Maisonny

Gestes Borel-Maisonny

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Fangophilia (Taro Hanabusa) | Japanese Custom Molded Body Jewelry

armor jewelry - The armor jewelry of Japanese designer Taro Hanabusa, who is more readily referred to as Fangophilia, offers something very different for fashion-f.

jeux de mains ...

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#5 paper-plastic-metal-stone - CURRENT OBSESSION

RCA babes: Lucie Vincini - Current-Obsession //creating a forced expression (social commentary)//

• CAMILE CORTET  • (■ Addiction Collection ■)

• CAMILE CORTET • (■ Addiction Collection ■)

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Je vous présente ce vase nommé « Introverso 2 » réalisé et imaginé par les designers Paolo Ulian et Moreno Ratti.  Ce vase en marbre massif, de forme rectangulaire, est découpé en lamelles. On peut apercevoir, quand on y regarde de plus près, une deuxième forme de vase plus classique se dessiner. Les designers donnent aux utilisateurs la possibilité de sculpter l’objet avec de simples coups de marteau afin de découvrir la deuxième forme.

Vase Introverso 2 par Paolo Ulian et Moreno Ratti

paolo ulian + moreno ratti shape marble vase with dual personality

Sahay - A shovel for Indian people by Arthur Trichelieu, via Behance

Sahay is a simple and affordable solution to protect foot from injuries. Sahay is ergonomic and initially designed for Indian farmers. Sahay is made out of a single folded metal.

awesome ergonomic Brandy/Red Wine glass

Meld Wine Glass- The interaction between glass and the human hand was the inspiration for Turkish design studio Muzz. Taking two familiar forms, glass and hand, and merging them to create a delicate interactive glass resulted in the tactile Meld line.