NYX Cosmetics eyeshadow pencils

NYX Cosmetics eyeshadow pencils - I love the french fries color (weird name but pretty color) - I need to get the milk and cottage cheese pencils for inner eyes and waterline

Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar

Staying Natural: 10 Ingredients To Avoid In Beauty Products. Beautycounter bans more than 1500 ingredients from their products (including these Shop Healthier.

Reading Organic and Natural Beauty Labels - YouBeauty.com

Your Guide to Reading the Label for Natural & Organic Beauty Products (Infographic) this is really interesting

Brilliance*Expression*Charm A vintage Maybelline ad from the How gorgeous is the makeup ad from the I love the simplicity of it all (no photoshop and lash inserts here!

1985 L'oreal Ragamuffin campaign - model: Laetitia Firmin-Didot -- I loved this look and had the nail & lip color.