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12 Pro Tips For Decorating Better #refinery29 Avoid Over-Decorating "I have never heard of anyone walking into a home and saying, 'Wow, love your clutter!' Whether you believe it or not, too many objects affects your energy and attitude. I always say, 'When in doubt, throw it out!' So, grab a cappuccino (or a stiff drink), let Erykah Badu's "Bag Lady" be your theme song, pack light, and let it all go. " — Gunnar Larson

Decorate Your Home BETTER With These Pro Tips

Pellmell Créations: Entrez, faites comme chez vous ! Meuble chaussures étroit hemnes ikea

Entrez, faites comme chez vous !

Great mudroom solution Simple hallway is looking neat and clean. White shoe rack is making area bigger. Mirror on the wall is giving open feeling. Flowers are giving fresh feeling. Lights are making area bright we can see Rectangle shape on the shoe rack.

Seules quelques marches séparent la salle de bains de la chambre

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