denim on denim with a scarf

Fall / Winter - Street Style - Denim jacket + white t-shirt + jeans + black belt + colorful scarf + sunglesses

Glorious Bastards

Glorious Bastards

Mmmm mustache, beard AND tattoos. “Glorious Bastards” by Darren Black.


Love her tatt placement in the inner arm. Now what to get and am i ready for the pain. i think so!

i always appreciate a photograph of a tattooed woman who is NOT dressed sexually provocative. i like a hot bod as much as the next person but finding a woman with tattoos who isn't half naked is getting harder and harder.

Menswear & Knits / Men that love animals. Men that open doors for women. Men that drink coffee or tea. Men that smell nice. Men in sweaters. Men in glasses. Men that spend their time outdoors. Men with beautiful tattoos (or none at all). Men that write.

Despite the fact that hand tattoos are very painful to get inked, their popularity is still rising day by day. This can be attributed to celebrities endorsing such tattoos by bearing them.

New collection of great tattoo ideas for men, hot tattoos for men & inked boys // See more men with tattoos, women and tattoo inspiration on Mr Pilgrim

contemporary black man shirtless w/ suspenders ( Braces ) and tattoos smoking a cigar

Love a man that can wear ei go like a boss!Old school tattoos on this guy. Some on the hands, a sand clock with wings on the neck and some writings on the fingers and the neck.