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a young boy is playing with rocks in a water feature at the edge of a garden
two young boys playing in the yard with water from a sprinkler and buckets
Wooden Water Channelling Chutes
a bike is parked next to a wooden structure with grass growing on the top and bottom
DIY: Maak je eigen fietsenstalling van hout | Fietsenhok | Karwei
Zelf een fietsenhok met maken een sedum dak? De vetplantjes houden van droogte, vochtige periodes en de felle zon. Ideaal voor op het dak van je fietsenstalling. Lees in onze blog hoe je dit fietsenhok zelf kan maken! #DIY #TuinDIY
a child's play area in the backyard with sand and water toys on the ground
two pictures of chickens in their coops on the floor
a wooden fence with green plants growing on it and brick walkway in front of it
there is a bucket with a hose in it next to a building that has a wooden slatted wall
a bike parked next to a wooden fence in front of a gated area with gravel
three children are playing in the water on a wooden deck with a bucket and pail
13 jeux extérieurs à fabriquer pour les petits
a small wooden tree house with stairs to the roof
Jardin : 20 idées pour créer un espace pour les enfants
Jardin : 20 idées pour créer un espace pour les enfants